Jenny Han Simon

Breathe Mongolia Content Lead

Communication | Assessing Risks & Trade-offs


The work Breathe Mongolia does touches several high-stakes industries--the environment, human health, education, international development and recognition. The risk that all of these industries share is the potential for miscommunication and misinformation, especially when it comes to content creation and communication. There is simultaneously a lack and an abundance of information circulating about the air pollution crisis in Mongolia that it can be overwhelming for people, leaving them discouraged from taking action, or they may get the wrong information, leading to them taking the wrong action. The best way to combat these risks is to understand and take accountability for one's own responsibility in creating, sharing, or utilizing information. Research, checking sources, and questioning the things you read is important. Additionally, thinking about the context of these tools is important? Ask yourself: how can I use this information in a positive way that will motivate people to help themselves, others, and the planet?


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