This platform supports people who find themselves at the heart of discussions about risk and involved in helping others to navigate risk information in different communities. It supports them in accessing resources and designing those resources to meet their needs.  

But the Risk know-how project is also seeking a longer-term change in the way that national and international agencies provide information. Too often this is done in a way that people on the ground can’t use. People have to make multiple trade-offs – is a risk worth taking? Is a mitigation effective and affordable? Information often lacks this sophistication, so it is not meaningful or empowering.  

To change this, we are doing three things: 

  1. Urging information providers to integrate the Risk know-how Framework into their communications and training. 
  1. Compiling insights from community practitioners’ use of the resources provided, to inform national and international agencies.  
  1. Convening international experts and practitioners to develop ways to assess how much Risk know-how communities have and whether it is improving.   

Updates on all of these will be added here, along with illustrations of good practice. If you are involved in providing risk information, urging action or prevention, or sharing risk assessments, please contact us to register your interest.