Wendy Craig

Group Leader for Regulatory Science - International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

Infrastructure | Training & Support

Europe | ITALY

We work with countries with nascent regulatory offices to fully understand the latest genetic engineering and biotechnology solutions so that they are fully aware of the consequences of their choices and decisions. With a constantly growing knowledge base, how would they know which information is more important than others? We take the problem formulation approach where, in terms of risk assessment, we don’t go through a formalised checklist of what you need to know for each type of product and its risks. Instead, we look at the product that is being considered and think through how it might be linked to a consequence. For example, if your policy is to ensure food security or improve public health, how does the deployment of a particular product impact the policy? We help them to develop the pathway and steps that have to occur through exposure to this particular product that might impact policy positively or detrimentally. Breaking it down into smaller chunks that are consequential gives a better idea of what information you should be looking at in order to help nullify or support the particular steps in the pathway.


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