Katherine Weatherburn

Founder - Safetyknot

Infrastructure | Assessing Risks & Trade-offs  |  Context & Community  |  Education & Training


Whose perception of risk? I believe that this is one of the largest challenges we encounter when discussing risk, and that is because we often neglect to ask this key question. My experience working cross-culturally has shown me that perception of risk is very personal, subjective and differs from person to person and community to community. In my experience, the main difficulty in discussing risk is making assumptions about risk perception before ascertaining whose perception of risk it is we are discussing and what risk means to an individual or community. We shouldn't transplant the concept of risk from one location such as a high-income country to a low or middle-income country, or even within different regions of the same country and expect it to be the same. I believe making such assumptions about risk and risk perception is the biggest challenge we face when talking about risk. 


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