Theresa Crossley

Communication | Assessing Risks & Trade-offs  |  Information Framing & Manipulation


One of the things we did in terms of risk evaluation was around an operation manual for use in search and rescue operations specifically during the pandemic. We took a look at organizations themselves assessing the risks to both their personnel and those being rescued. No two search and rescue operations are the same and personnel are often reacting to the circumstances at hand. We ran training courses for them, and part of the training is evaluating and updating. We wanted to provide a framework within which they can think rather than give them a prescriptive list of things or a checklist to work through.
We have learnt that a picture helps a lot because we are dealing with people in many different countries, from many different cultural backgrounds, with many different languages. Laying things out as clearly as possible in a picture is better when it comes to safety information, particularly in communities where some are unable to read. People get the message much more quickly with the right picture.


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