Sumaiya Shaikh

Science Editor at Alt News | Neuroscientist |

Communication  |  Public Health | Assessing Risks & Trade-offs  |  Information Framing & Manipulation


There is this inherent capacity in individuals to go out and seek their own information and that depends on the way that they have been trained at the very early period in their lives. It determines their style of seeking information. We felt our fact checking work was not working and decided to try another way. Take 12-year-olds now who are going to be voters in 5-6 years. This is an important age group to target now; by the time they are 18 and able to vote, it is already too late. Our information literacy coursework for schools aims to give them the basics on how to look for information. How do you know what is the real truth? We helping to lay the groundwork for the way in which they seek information and understand it.


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