Magdalena Claro Tagle

Associate Professor and Director - Center for Policy and Practice in Education (CEPPE UC) , Catholic

Education & Training | Training & Support

South America | CHILE

I think, there's a lot of information about online risks, but in general, they're not based on scientific research, instead very basic research, very general correlational studies regarding risks and so the information is not from evidence-based research that is accessible in the media. I teach future teachers and work a lot on this because their knowledge is based on beliefs mostly and not from evidence. So I give them English-written articles and then give them the tools to translate them because our English is not very well developed in Chile. There's definitely a lack of access to serious research on these topics and I think another problem in Chile and probably in all Latin America is our science education in terms of working with evidence and trying to really be critical about evidence and understanding how a study comes with certain evidence, and so that's not only about language, I would say it's also about scientific education. 


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