Kees Baldé

Senior Scientific Specialist - United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), Sustaina

Education & Training | Information Framing & Manipulation


In our reports, we try to make the graphs easy to read, put the figures in the language of the country and so on. Although a report may be lengthy, we try to make the summaries readable and standalone for someone who wants to know just the highlights. With our messages, we also try and use relatable figures. For example, 50 million metric tons, I don't even know how much this is. However, something like 7 kilograms per inhabitant per year, I can understand. I can get a bit more understanding because it relates to one person or to one household. We also always name the appliances, we never talk in technical terms. We always give examples like your fridge, your desktop, your phone etc. which I find helps. 


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