Laura Corton

Executive Director - MATERNA Salud Mental Perinatal

Communication  |  Education & Training  |  Public Health | Assessing Risks & Trade-offs  |  Education & Training  |  Information Framing & Manipulation

South America | ARGENTINA

This is an area that is often very invisible and in which there is limited data. A lot of what we do is about opening conversations about the risks, so that we can have these conversations as a community – both raising awareness of a problem and trying to make sure no one is alone, that we confront this as a community and not as individuals. It is also an area with a lot of stigma and misinformation – both among mothers struggling with perinatal mental health problems but also professionals not specialised in the area. Even when a problem is identified, it can be very frustrating because there isn’t help readily available or it is too costly. So, these women and their families understand the risks but have limited options to address this.


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